Sundari, 2014 - Ongoing

First published on Soup. Text by Meera Ganapthi. 2019

Shruti, Meera, Chandra, Upasana, Kalki, Mookuti, Archival Material, Roli Books, New York Times, Niveditha, Amrita, Brasstacks Madras, Tribal Health Initiative Sitlingi, Tvam, Gulshan, Kirtana, Radika, Ms.Koovagam, Arundati, Kumari, Souk, Athira, Subhiksha, Kimaya, Across Tamil Nadu.
2012 - ongoing


It is almost as if Athira, Arohi, Daanishya and Arundhati, who I photographed in a neighbourhood in Mettupalayam where Karunya spent her childhood, show us something we would not have noticed about ourselves -- what it feels like to never be old enough, to be in the present, to have a dusting of our mothers, aunts and neighbours, at once ourselves and them. Kalki, 2019